Saturday, September 3, 2011

Is this soccer or a beauty pageant?

Round 2... back in Ecuador :)

So my contract with Worldteach ended in July but I just wasn't quite ready to leave Ecuador and the life I have created here. I had an amazing break and trip home for 3 weeks where I was able to eat some DELICIOUS food and spend time with my family and a few friends. I got back to Ecuador a couple of weeks ago and I couldn't be happier with my decision to stay. Life is very different because my Ecua life partner (Krista, the other Portoviejo worldteach volunteer) left me to start grad school. It was so nice this past year to have someone to share the experience with that really understands everything. For example, Krista was there to feel awkward with me when people talk about taboo topics like salary or weight ALL THE TIME and she was there me to feel awkward together when everyone else was completely comfortable just staring at us. Now its just me battling these things but having her here for so long definitely helped me prepare and she still enjoys the stories from afar :) Since I have been back I have been very happily busy and my friends have been great about stopping by to see me at my office, coming running with me, and all those fun things that Krista used to do with me.

Me and Krista before rafting in Banos, Ecuador

Classes have gotten off to a great start... I am especially enjoying my intermediate class because when I started with them a year ago they could say "My name is..." (kind of) and now they can make sentences like "Yesterday I was talking to my sister when my mom called" and "Diamonds are more expensive than pearls." That is a BIG change. Unfortunately I am still having to teach some beginner classes... I mean all of the students are great but it just gets old teaching "What time is it" and "What are you wearing" over and over. In October 3 new volunteers... yes THREE!... are coming to Portoviejo. Two guys and one girl will be coming so I will be able to teach more advanced levels which will be exciting and a fun new challenge.

I also have been teaching about 5 or 6 private lessons every week. They definitely keep me busy and it is a nice switch up from a large class dynamic. I am also continuing my private Spanish lessons... I am only taking class about once a month or so but I really enjoy having someone to ask questions to that actually knows how to explain and has a lot of patience.

What has been taking a lot of my time is SOCCER. I have been playing a lot since I got back because I am participating in a tournament. We have jerseys and all! Mine of course says "Heder" which you will note in the picture... I think that is my separate Ecua persona haha Heather at home, Heder abroad.

So the first day of the tournament I showed up ready to play soccer, but I forgot something SUPER important. Oh no, my 5 pounds of makeup! I forgot soccer is not just a sport, it is also a beauty competition. Really.... there was a beauty pageant to kick of the tournament! One girl from each team participated, they brought dogs, their babies, sashes, skirts, tights, and their teams soccer jersey. I wish I had a picture... I should have seen it coming I mean I have been in Ecuador for a year, but I was too in shock to tell my friends to snap pictures.

My team did not win the beauty pageant, but once we started actually playing we kicked butt! We won 6-0 and have 2 games left to play (we play every Saturday). Unfortunately on practice last Thursday I pulled a muscle in my leg, but I think I have recovered and should be able to play tonight.

I will keep you updated on our results!!!!

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